A Doctor’s Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle at Home

Lincoln Family Doctors Provide Mental and Physical Health Tips


Your well-being is all about balance, striking the right balance between physical activity and  mental stress. In these uncertain times, where every day poses a new problem, it can be difficult to find relief. Here at Primary Care Partners in Lincoln, NE, our doctors have shared a few tips about how to stay active and keep positive, even while holed up at home. 


Tips for Improving Physical Health

Breathe in the fresh air

As Dr. Dodge alluded to in the video above, hopping on your bike and zooming through your neighborhood will not only burn calories but increase endorphins. Cycling is an excellent way to soak up the Spring sunshine, all while building up muscle. In addition to biking, try roller blading, running, or a light scroll around the block. Outdoor activity greatly improves circulation and keeps you in touch with the outside world. 

Create an at-home gym 

The internet offers instant access to online workout programs. Even if you don’t have a fancy treadmill or stationary bike, you need only lay out a yoga mat in front of your tv in order to successfully burn calories. Not only that, but everyday home items like soup cans and books can double as weights. Our family doctors agree that just 30 minutes of physical activity a day can make you feel energized and ready to tackle whatever life throws your way. 

For even more tips on how to stay in shape at home, check out these tips from trusted personal trainers. 


Tips for Improving Mental Health 

Stay organized

A cluttered home is a maddening thing. The more stuff piles up, the more difficult it becomes to organize and structure your day for maximum productivity. Cleaning your home on a regular basis not only frees up space but it also reduces stress. Seeing a floor cleared of papers or a bookshelf without dust may seem small on the surface, but it has the potential to improve mood and make you motivated to get work done. Simply making your bed is a tiny win to revel in. 

Get adequate sleep

Getting enough sleeping can never be overstated. This concept is one that has been hammered into our minds since we were young. But these days, it has never felt more important to keep to a regular sleep schedule. A full 6-8 hours each time will see you waking up refreshed and happy. Best of all, sleep improves your memory, helps with motor function, and tends to regulate appetite. Tuck yourself in and get dreaming. 

Talk to Someone

If you’re feeling stressed, it’s important to talk to someone about what you’re experiencing. Our physicians and practitioners know emotional stress can lead to physical illness. We also understand that isolation can lead to depression. If you’re feeling depressed or over-stressed due to these temporary circumstances we can help you through it. Read our physician’s bios and find a provider you feel comfortable speaking to about what you’re going through. 

Want more information about reducing stress? See what the CDC has to say here. In addition, watch our video below for answers to your COVID-19 questions. 


Your body and mind are precious, and while we can’t predict the future, we can control our present by remaining active and taking time to cope with mental stress. Thank you for trusting Primary Care Partners in Lincoln, NE with your health and the health of your family. We are currently accepting new patients of all ages. We use a highly skilled team of physicians, advanced practice providers, care coordinators and nurses to help patients reach their health goals. If you have any further questions, give us a call at 402-483-2987!