Family Health Physician Discusses Wellness Exams 

Why getting annual physicals is key to your overall health, according to a Lincoln Doctor. 


Here at Primary Care Partners, we care about your health and are excited to see you face-to-face. Getting regular physicals is a key part of maintaining overall physical and mental health. Here are the 3 main reasons why your annual checkup is so important. Schedule a visit at our southeast location by calling (402) 483-2987

1. Preventing potential illness or catching it early

Even if you feel physically fit and see no signs for concern, getting a regular health check can catch any early signs of disease and help to prevent illness in the future. Speaking with a medical professional about family history and possible risk will not only give you peace of mind but give your physicians a better understanding of your personal physiology.  For more information on illness prevention, check out this article from Western Washington Medical Group. 

2. Prescription and immunization updates

When it comes to adult health, one of the easiest things to overlook are immunizations and updating prescriptions that no longer help with your daily health. Having a conversation with a primary care physician can ensure your vaccinations are up-to-date and that all your prescriptions are filled promptly and properly. 

3. Updating clinical data 

One of the main benefits of having a general practitioner is the ability to speak to someone with a complete history and understanding of your health. By getting a checkup on a regular basis, you will be able to alert your physician about any hospital or urgent care visits. As well as any specialized doctor appointments. The more your physician knows about your health, the better they will be able to treat you in the future. Wondering what you should expect during a routine checkup? Take a look at this checklist here

Thank you for trusting Primary Care Partners in Lincoln, NE, with your health and the health of your family. We can’t wait to see you for your annual visit. If you have any further questions, give us a call at (402) 483-2987